Monday, May 14, 2012

The "WH" of LOVE

I am a kind of person who always asks questions. If I can't have answers from people, I seek answers from within. One time, I was figuring out the so-called the "5 WH" questions. I learned it from my grade school days.
WH...stands for - * WHY
                            * WHAT
                            * WHERE
                            * WHO
                            * WHEN
Everytime I got curious on things, I always try to use this WH questions  so I could easily find answers to any of my queries and confusions.

The moment I fall in love, the more I ran for this "WH" questions.

* I asked WHY?

       Why do I have to feel this? 
       Why do people fall in love, then fall out of it? 
        Some people say, falling in love is too risky... 
        but WHY they  still go on loving?

       Knowing why we fall in love may help ease feelings of rejection and heartbreak. If someone doesn’t fall in love with you, it’s not because you’re ugly, stupid or poor. Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t right. 

We fall in love because it is our nature. We are created because of love. We are born to LOVE and to be LOVED. 

* WHAT is this thing called LOVE?

Everytime I encounter this kind of question at any of my Facebook status, I always comment like this: "Love is the most used, the over used and the abused word in the dictionary." This is my direct definition of love. It's direct, practical,  yet, it has a negative impact. Because of this, I tried to define love in a concrete way, in a more understandable way... until I come to the story  of a  5 year old girl who asked the boy seated next to her, "What is love?" the boy replied , "Love is when you steal my chocolates every day from my bag and yet, I still keep them in the same place."      (well said)


There have been, there are, and there will be many definitions, but the truth is, we do not define love. Rather, it is love that defines us. It is love that brings out who we are, what we are capable of, and what is best in us.

 it is love that defines us.

And refines us.

*WHERE to Love?

When we heard the word "WHERE", we always look around (people around us), forgetting ourselves. 
Before looking around, we must examine ourselves.. "Does love resides in us? Do we have a heart that is capable of loving? Remember, everything must come from within. If  we have a loving heart inside us, we can easily share this love to others. If  each one has a heart, a kind and loving heart, then we can change the world and by this, we may attain peace.

* WHOM to Love?

I would like to share this story:

"Where have I failed?"
This was the painful question of an old man who came to my office  one day with a heavy heart. He had amassed a fortune after many years of hard work which took him away from his family, and led to his being strict and exacting towards them.

Now that he is old, his children hardly call or visit him, and whenever they do, it is to talk about money and inheritance. They are not speaking terms with each other, and are even on the verge of court proceedings.

"I don't know if they love me, or just waiting for me to die."
How sad to hear this from someone who had worked so hard for the sake of his family, and feels that he is hardly loved now that he is in the sunset of his life.

To whom shall we give love?
Love the elders, our dear ones, the unlovable and the societies nobodies.
Love them unconditionally.

* WHEN do we give our love?

The time is NOW  and don't let it expires. Love has no expiration.

"It is not the thing that you do, dear
It's the thing you could have done
that leaves me with a bit of heartache
at the setting of the sun."

May we never hear a loved one say something like this to us, and be filled with regrets that we loved too little, TOO LATE, at the setting of the sun.

Do not postpone your loving.

Do not postpone your giving.

Do not postpone your  forgiving.

Love truly in the HERE and NOW.

Much love and peace everyone, may the love that resides in your heart will bear much fruit. Let the "5 "WH" OF LOVE reminds your day to day loving. God bless.

~ written: Leony Moonrose~