Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love the Life You Live

"The quickest way 
to living a life you love 
is through 
learning to love 
the life you live"

One time, I was asked...

 "Are you in love?" 
Well, YES!...

I am in love .... very much in love...


 If I am not in love with life, then I wouldn't be here now, right? Yes right :) 

We are afraid to lose our life... 
We want to live very long in this life...
We dream, we believe we can, and we work for that dream to succeed!

Success for me is always linked with happiness. I am a person who always want to succeed in every little things I do, because that's what makes me happy. That's what makes me to live a happy life. The reason for me to say, I am in love with life :)

 There are a lot of reasons for us to be in love with our lives. Our family and loved ones, friends, the beauty of nature- the magnificent sunset at the beach or sunrise that always promises hope, the touching breeze of the wind, etc.-  and the fact that God  has given us the life in order to see and experience these wonderful things around us. All the people we love and the things we have - our passion, our work - and the thought that God didn't choose us to be insects but superior human beings who can control over other lower creatures. We have power in so many ways.. and above all, we have the power to love this life :) Isn't it happy? Yes, it is.

"How do I live the life I love much?"

Everytime you raise this question, always look at your single hand to remind you that the answer is in your hand. Every finger has its role. 

1.  Be present 
     - Be aware of your existence, that you have life and that you must live your life to the fullest.

2. Be grateful

     - Be thankful for the life you have, the blessings you receive. Seeing the good in your life will allow you to keep your heart fed while you work to change the more unsavory parts. C'mon, try it. Live it. You gonna love it ! *wink..  

3. Pursue Balance

     - Understand that there is always a balance in everything. There is laughter and tears, there is sadness and  happiness, there is rainbow after the rain. The pursuit of balance requires constant adjustment as your life shifts but every time I really try for the middle. I end up happier about my life. Before,  I really had a hard time adjusting myself. I often have a self pity when things are not in my favor.. I always get hurt until Love and Peace has made me realize how it is to live a balance life :)

4. Nurture Friendship

      - You know the people who for some reason or other welcome you into their lives? Treasure them. Make time to spend with them. Love and peace group plays a great role in developing good friendship bond. Because of that group, I was able to see my potential and I was able to develop my socialization. Posting and commenting at the group's wall brings happiness and a sense of belongingness. There is even camaraderie within the group. Many of us spend far too much time thinking about how some material possession will improve our lives. New technology is nice, computer age is great, it brings us people together.., but a good friend is worth just about everything. 

5. Embrace Simplicity

     - As what I always put at my fb status "Simplicity is beauty", is quite true and always gives me a great impact. Nowadays, we are living in the complexities of the world. I read one of the group's post, it was from PJ Navarro if I'm not mistaken, it says: "You don't need to have all your gold-plated ducks in a row in order to love the life you're living. You don't need lots of stuff and relationships so driven by drama that you often wish just to be left alone in silence. Instead, you might try for a simpler approach and enjoy things because they are useful and not because they are expensive". Great words isn't it? Try for simplicity and if complexity sneaks up on you, so be it, at least you already know how to deal with it. In learning to love the basics you'll find a wondrous appreciation for the nicer things that come along. 

Understanding all these words understand about  Love and Life :) By knowing the basics, you will learn the quickest way to live the life you love and love the life you live. Much love and peace to everyone <3


  1. each step in this life is followed by the next i believe that if we step in the direction that we realy want to be it keeps us in step with what we are i seek devine love therefore i shall find it i seek the waters of peace so i will travel the rivers of love and peace through eternity love to those around us peace to those who suround us

    1. You said it well my friend. Everything started in us. A positive mindset leads us every step ahead. One step at a time in this life journey. Every single step with proper mindset will make our life journey worthwhile :)Thank you!