Monday, January 30, 2012


My parents taught me to...

(not a seed to judge)

Let it grow...

cultivate with patience...
 water it with  clean intention...

so that the fruits it bears will be good and healthy !

A full grown and healthy  heart has no room for judgment

We all know that it is so easy to judge.  
We ask someone about someone else and out comes the judgment:
"He's a thief,"
"He's a liar,"
"She's a disgrace to her family", etc.. 
But hey!

Do we have the right to make that judgment?
Do we  know the circumstances surrounding the act?

 When I was a kid, for me all fruit trees looked pretty much the same. They all had leaves, branches , roots, etc. The only time I could really identify the tree was when there were oranges on one and mangoes on another. 

Our parents have nurtured us with much love in the heart. So we would think too that the world would treat us the same. All people have a heart and therefore we expect them to offer the same love like what our parents have. We expect people to be good coz we gave them goodness.. but in the course of our journey, a lot of people misjudged us based on what they have seen or heard outside, without knowing our real self. 

Like a tree,
people judged others on the  outside, 
before the fruit is yet to  come out.

It is like that when we judge. According to Fr. Steve, we do not know all the circumstances that lead to an act. People are like iceberg, 90% are hidden from sight. The fruit that show, good or bad are indications of what lies beneath the surface but we can never really know a person until they share their experiences.

Let's leave that job up to GOD

      Instead of judging  others....
Let that full grown tree of love resides in your  heart 
and welcome the sunlight of peace 
to shine upon it !

It is always dangerous to judge a person. Do you guys agree? well, I do :)

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