Sunday, January 1, 2012


Everyone needs and wants ...

Why do we want to
fall in love ,
When we know
it will only hurt in the END?

Love transforms everything

Though several people say love is prone to pain, still we want to take the risk and continue on loving.

Why is this so?
Why do we keep on loving after all the heartaches we have experienced?

It is because…

Love heals our wounds and makes us whole once more

There is deep peace and accord deep in our hearts. We can experience it, and see the world through the eyes of our heart.  This is the reason why a person has to love once more despite of getting hurt. 

Our hearts have power to change darkness to light, sadness to happiness

That is the power of heart, the miracle of love.

We read several quotes, mostly from facebook status, saying: 

“The heart
is not always right
 it is being placed
at the left side of our chest”.

Do you agree?

Let us try to see and experience the world through our heart. (The center of our heart is in the middle of our chest)

When I was in my teen years, I often wonder why the heart symbolizes love.  Why it is always associated with HEART and not liver, feet, head, hands, or any part of our human body. Are you not wondering the same? Me, has wondered a lot.. until one day I recognized that:

-          is the CORE of our human body. If we don’t have a HEART, we are nothing but dead person
-          is the CORE of our existence. Without LOVE, our existence has no meaning at all, for the purpose of our life is “to love and to be loved”.

It was then when I start looking things through my heart that I was able to understand the meaning of it. In the presence of love, there is no misunderstanding. There will be peace instead of greediness and war.  THAT IS THE POWER OF OUR HEART!

If all of us look at things
through our heart
we can feel …
Love and Peace

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